Home Registration

(Accepted Students ONLY)

CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance into Kent Academy!!

Please follow the following steps to complete your enrollment process:

  1. You must submit your Notice of Intent to homeschool. Link (If you think you already have a homeschool open, then log in to the system using this link and send me a copy of the school enrollment certificate.)
  2. Naming your school. It is IMPORTANT that when it comes to naming your school that you list it as your last name followed by Homeschool.  (For example, mine would be Nelson Homeschool.  This just makes things much easier if I have to look something up or grab paperwork, and it also will ensure that we won’t forget it.) Although this is not required, it is helpful!
  3. You will need to submit a picture of your High School Diploma, or College Degree. (Please reach out to me if you have trouble with this.)
  4. Next, you will need to list yourself, the parent, as the Administrator.
  5. Finally, please forward the confirmation from the NC DOE to me for your child’s records.

Welcome to the Kent Academy Homeschool Co-Op!!!!

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