Financial Aid

Opportunity Scholarship

The new student application for Opportunity Scholarship opened on February 1st. This is income based, but has a maximum award of $6492 for the school year. The income limits have changed so please be sure to check the NCSEAA website to see if you are now eligible. If you already have the Opportunity Scholarship this year, you will need to go on and renew it during that time frame so that you can get it for next year. (Students in the Kent High School Co-op are not eligible for the opportunity scholarship.) 

ESA + Grant

The ESA+ new student application opened on February 1st . (The official way to determine eligibility is by applying for the program. Although, students must reside in NC – there are other criteria’s that must be met to be considered for either of the scholarships. ESA+ program is available for parents of students with a disability.) Additionally, the ESA+ program amounts are anywhere between $9,000 and $17,000 a year. This program is not income based, but does require that students have an IEP Eligibility Form from the public school system.

IF you have an IEP from the public school system that is less than 3 yrs old, you don’t need to gather anything further. 

IF your IEP is more than 3 years, you will need to reach out to see if they will accept a psychological evaluation or if you will need an updated IEP.

IF you have been receiving the grant but your IEP is older than 3 yrs, please check to make sure an updated psych evaluation will be sufficient for you to continue to get the grant.

IF you need to apply for the first time and you need to get an IEP, please follow the steps below:

1. Email an administrator at your child’s “home” school, which is whatever school they would be going to in the district.

2. They will then respond and have you register with the district as a private school child, and will begin the process.

3. The school may also ask for feedback from your child’s teachers. We are MORE than happy to do this, by completing surveys and sending in any information needed.

4. Please note that this process can take 90 days (sometimes longer if the school is backed up), and you have to have the IEP eligibility completed to apply for the  grant. 

Please visit to apply for these scholarships/grants.

Kids with PossAbilities

Kids with PossAbilities provides funding for therapy and educational scholarships for children with developmental delays. Funding is limited to $1000 per child per year.


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