Kent Academy tuition for the 2023-24 school year includes all First Friday Trips and all grade level trips (excluding overnight trips, end of year trips, etc).

SEPTEMBER 1Tailrace Marina
OCTOBER 6Country Days Corn Maze
NOVEMBER 3Kate’s Skating Rink
DECEMBER 1Charlotte Martial Arts Academy
JANUARY 5Ninja Nation
FEBRUARY 2Schiele Museum
MARCH 1NC Transportation Museum
APRIL 5NASCAR Hall of Fame
MAY 3Martha River Park

Field Trip Important Info

*Students are REQUIRED to wear Kent Academy polo/sweatshirt, khakis and plain white/black/navy socks for each school and class trip. May wear plain white/black/navy long sleeves or leggings UNDER polo and khakis if desired.

*For all Friday school trips, students are welcome to bring a lunch, snack, and water bottle.

*Drop off for each Friday trip is at Kent Academy between 8:45-9:00 am. Pickup is at Kent between 12:45-1:00 pm. You will be informed if those times change it.

*Any student missing a Friday trip or a class trip will have an unexcused absence. They will also be required to write an essay and complete a project for formal grades. The essay and project will be based on each child’s grade level and ability. Students will have one week to complete these assignments. Information about the essay and project will be given by the student’s homeroom teacher following the missed trip.

*For all trips, Friday or class, students will ride in teachers’ and parents’ cars. Mrs. Hill will be in touch should additional drivers be needed for Friday trips. Drivers for Friday trips drop off and pick up only. Classroom teachers will be in touch for class trip drivers/chaperones.

*This page of trips and info is posted on the school website and is located behind the admin tab in your child’s 3-ring binder.

*Any Friday field trip questions should be directed to Mrs. Emily Hill Emails will only be sent from Mrs. Hill for trips that require special clothing, waivers, or other changes.

*Classroom teachers will send information about grade level field trips. All Monday-Thursday class trips have a regular pickup time of 3:00 pm unless told otherwise by the classroom teacher.

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