Homebound Program/ Virtual Option


We appreciate your interstate in our Homebound and Virtual learning option here at Kent. Our goal is to support your family by offering curriculum, real-time classes, programs, and services to ensure your child receives the same education as any other Kent Academy student.


The Homebound program and Virtual option exists to support and equip families who seek a small environment, and teacher support while exploring at-home learning.


To support Kent families that desire to provide an alternative education for their childrenthrough homebound and virtual learning. This includes accountability, encouragement, consulting, and being a part of a close-knit community.


The Kent Academy Homebound & Virtual Programs are for parents who seek to continue their child’s learning at home, but seek to move from teacher to facilitator of learning. Many families make the life choice to homeschool their children and here at Kent we understand the importance of making the best decision for your child and family as a whole. It is our desire to be able to support those families seeking academic support and accountability.

Homebound & Virtual students will be invited to join class parties and school wide field trips. It is important to understand that although you may not be physically in the classroom, you are a part of the Kent family and will always be treated as such.

(Serving grades 6-12)

Students enrolled in the Kent virtual program option will join their teacher and classmates in Google Meet throughout the day to receive direct instruction from their teachers. This allows the student to be a part of the classroom and learning environment in real-time. Student work will be uploaded to Google Classroom (or learning platform the teacher uses) and will require that students have a working printer available to ensure they stop on top of their coursework. Students enrolled in this program may choose to work synchronously with their teacher and peers or asynchronously on their own. If students choose the asynchronous option they will need to check in with their teacher twice a week during assigned office hours to ensure they are progressing as needed.

The virtual program option will be capped in regards to student enrollment to ensure the program stays true to the overall Kent mission and vision. (15 for Middle School & High School) Note: these numbers reflect the total enrolled including in-person and virtual students.


It will always be our desire to have our Kent students with us in-person. Any K-5 student seeking to move to in-person instruction will need to complete an in-person 2 day visit to ensure a smooth transition and good fit. Students in grade 6-12 who would like to move to in-person instruction will need to notify administration regarding next steps. This being said, both Homebound and Virtual students will have the first right of refusal regarding any open seats.

NOTE: If you know that you want your scholar in-person but feel they need a “virtual transition period” please be upfront with this information so we can work together as a team to meet your child’s needs.


VirtualVirtual Plus
ENROLLMENT FEE$1,000$1,000
FACILITATION FEE (Full Program)$14,500$19,500
FACILITATION FEE (Per Course – Max. 3)$3,000$4,000

***With PLUS the students have a check in with a teacher 2x a week. PLUS is not an option for Virtual students who have a full course load or are taking a class during the available Office Hours.

***Note: 6-8 students need to enroll in at least 3 classes to be considered part-time since the 6-8 program is an accredited private school.

All options include:
● Curriculum
● Grades
● End of Year Testing

In addition to above All PLUS Full Program options include:
● Field Trips
● School events
● Participation in End of Year Ceremony/Graduation
● Diploma issued by the School

Students 6th – 12th Grade are required to have a Mac Laptop.

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